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Stomatitis is a painful chronic oral disease. It's thought to be an autoimmune condition that involves an overreaction of the immune system to plaque, leading to severe inflammation in the gums and other oral tissues, and even in the bone beneath. 

At the initial diagnosis of stomatitis in a cat, many veterinarians put the animal on medication, firstly with antibiotics to treat infection and reduce bacteria. If the medication route fails, then a full mouth extraction of all the teeth is performed. This is followed by the cat being put on a soft diet for the rest of their life.

As we know, there is virtually nothing on the veterinary market that can treat stomatitis in cats. 

This is why CORE Pet has come out with its Stomatitis Gel for Cats. 

Veterinarians have found that topical application of this product alleviates periodontal and dental disease when used not only as a sole treatment, but also in combination with surgical and non-surgical therapies. They also conclude that it will not only kill the bacteria found in the mouth cavity, but that it also helps heal mouth sores and gum disease, and reduce the depth of periodontal pockets.

The gel will help clean up the cat's oral cavity and prevent the further loss of teeth. It's formulated in a salmon oil gel that cats tolerate well.

Note:  The reason our all natural product works is that Stomatitis is thought to be an allergic reaction between the gums, teeth and saliva and Core Pet Oral Care is not only Anti-Bacterial but also Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Parasitic and interrupts the allergic reaction  causing this damnable disease in cats and now spreading into canines as well—it has been estimated that over 10% of all cats are suffering from Stomatitis so over 6,000,000 cats have this disease in the US alone.  Join the battle to help stop the spread of this disease and spread the word there is an alternative to full mouth extractions, Core Pet Oral Care!


Symptoms include: 

  • behavioral changes

  • difficulty eating,

  • drooling

  • foul breath

  • pawing at the mouth.



Just apply CORE Pet Feline Gel to the lips or in on the teeth and gums if you are able.  Once the product is in the mouth they will lick it in and around all surfaces of the teeth and gums.


More tips below 

Helpful Hints When Applying CORE Pet

It can be difficult to administer any type of medication to cats. Our oral care is no different and should be viewed as a medicine. However, if done correctly, cats can learn to enjoy the process and attention they receive.


  1. We suggest using the CORE Pet Feline Gel or Salmon Oil Gel for palatability. Begin with a very small amount of gel on your index finger. Do not have the gel bottle near you, as we do not want them associating the taste with the bottle.


  1. Have the cat sit on your lap and pet them repeatedly. Then, with the gel on your index finger, come up from under the cat’s head and tap the small amount to the cat’s nose or lips. By continuing to pet them throughout the process, they will relax and begin to lick the gel.


  1. By keeping the gel in the refrigerator, it takes the edge off of the flavor. Accordingly, cats (and dogs) will like the chilled taste better. After approximately one week of applications, the cat has now become accustomed to the process and will no longer protest.


If you continue to struggle with a direct application, here are some helpful approaches that may ultimately work:


  • Try placing the gel on a paw or hind leg. They will eventually lick it off.


  • Place the cat’s favorite treat on a plate and include some of the gel over one edge of the treat. Let them lick this into their mouth. They will begin to lick where there is no gel and eventually get it into their mouth. Excessive salivation and foaming at the mouth is a normal reaction.


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