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Introducing CORE Pet Waterless Shampoo and Conditioner—the ultimate grooming hack for busy pet parents! No more wrestling with hoses or chasing slippery pets around the bathtub. This innovative spray-on solution makes pet pampering a breeze.


Our formula includes herbal extracts, skin-loving jojoba, and almond oils to gently remove dander, oils, and light dirt from your furry friend’s coat. Simply mist your pet, give them a soothing rubdown, and wipe clean. For stubborn dirt, a quick comb or brush beforehand works wonders. 


Make grooming time a joy with CORE Pet Waterless Shampoo and Conditioner. Because every pet deserves a spa day, even on the busiest of schedules! 


Herbal Extracts of Chamomile, Green Tea, Lemon Grass and Witch Hazel In Deionized Water, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil Fragrance, Natural Emulsifying Wax, Dimethicone, Cylclomethlicone, Diazolldinyl Urea (Preservative) and Rosemary Oleoresin.




Waterless Shampoo + Conditioner - 8 oz.

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