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Proven. Professional. Oral Care.

If you’re tired of buying companion animal oral care products that don’t work and don’t sell, try CORE Pet professional strength oral care. CORE Pet  is the only professional strength product that is proven to soften and remove stubborn tartar build up and reverse oral disease. Best of all, it’s a natural, formulated by Veterinarians, 100% safe and easy to use. With CORE Pet, customer compliance is easy to achieve because you only need to spray or wipe the product on the teeth and the pet’s saliva does the rest. So, if you want a professional grade product, one that is only available through licensed Veterinarians. Put your money in CORE Pet.

"In my professional opinion, the all-natural-ingredients in Core Pet dental and oral health care spray and gel for dogs and cats are the missing link in owner-provided companion animal health and well-being." - Michael W. Fox BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS

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