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“What is the difference between the gel and spray?”

It is literally just a preference in application. Both have the same guarantee, although the gel will work a little quicker than the spray. Again, a dog who does not want someone close to their mouth will probably do better with the gel. Gels tend to work better cats, particularly our salmon gel.

“What is the difference between the peppermint gel
and salmon gel?”

The peppermint gel smells and tastes like peppermint. The salmon gel has 10% salmon oil in it so it will taste like salmon, but still have that peppermint smell. We recommend the gel for cats, particularly the salmon gel.

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“My dog won’t let me close to his mouth.”

A dog who is finicky is perfect for the gel because all they need to do is get it into their mouth. They can literally wipe the gel on the outside of their pet’s lips or muzzle and they will naturally want to lick it off. Again, all they need to do is get it into their mouth.

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“What do veterinarians say about the product?.”


In my professional opinion, the all-natural-ingredients in Core Pet dental and oral health care spray and gel for dogs and cats are the missing link in owner-provided companion animal health and well-being. Inflammatory and infected conditions affecting the teeth and gums of cats and dogs represent one of the most prevalent, serious, often painful and preventable maladies these animals face today which can result in secondary health issues involving the heart, kidneys and other internal organs as well as impairing immune-system functions.

Core Pet dental care products are an integrating element of holistic companion animal health care and disease prevention when followed as a routine application to the animals’ gums and teeth: And as a prophylaxis applied for 3-4 days prior to any appointment for dental cleaning and extractions, helping reduce the likelihood of complications and speeding recovery/healing.

-Michael W. Fox BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS

Member of the British Veterinary Association  |   Honor Roll Member of the AVMA

Member of the AHVMA  |   Animal Doctor syndicated columnist with Andrews McMeel 

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